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The Practice Management Solution for Doctors

Remote Doctors 4 Africa® (RD4A®) offers a full digital consultancy management suite to doctors in normal general practice, to medical specialists and the healthcare support services while automatically complying with legislation, but RD4A® is so much more. It also offers doctors full access and participation to remote care units out in the field.

Managing Health Care in Isolated Communities

Remote Doctors 4 Africa® s a unique versatile digital health ecosystem that delivers a full and complete suite of solutions to the healthcare industry. Imagine delivering hospital quality primary healthcare to people in remote and rural communities across South Africa, Botswana, Ethiopia, and Zimbabwe, with the doctors and specialists participating in real time but from remote locations, This is all possible with Remote Doctors 4 Africa®.


The Remote Doctors 4 Africa® Cloud-Based Health Ecosystem and the OKdoc® application brings the doctor to the patient virtually, no matter where they are.

The RD4A® software and solution is built in Africa by Africans for Africans.

The great dilemma that faces clinics in Africa!

South Africa has only eight doctors for every 10 000 people!
This is less than half the global average.

The shortages are more concentrated in the public sector than in private healthcare and even worse in rural areas.

Most Limpopo districts don’t even have one doctor for every 10 000 people!

Medical schools have ramped up the number of students they’re admitting, and record numbers of students have returned from Cuba in recent years. But restricted health budgets mean government facilities simply can’t absorb them, leaving clinic and hospital vacancies open.

RD4A launches OKdoc a revolutionary opportunity for these new doctors to help service these people remotely while either building their own private practice or in during down times in the private clinics where they work.


The OKdoc® Application


In order to give users access to the Remote Doctors 4 Africa® Health Ecosystem we have created our own unique app called OKdoc®.
The  OKdoc® App gives any patient with a smart phone access to available Doctors subscribed to the RD4A® Health Ecosystem, no matter how far away they might be.
The OKdoc® App uses the latest cloud technology to offer secure real time access to medical care, offering Video Chat, Chat Transcription, Authorised Access to cloud based patient records that follow the patient not the doctor and acts as the first level interaction device for Doctors caring for their patients. The OKdoc® app will be available for download from the Apple, Android and Huawei App stores soon.

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Created by a team of healthcare and technology experts, RD4A Solutions use cutting-edge technology to connect patients and healthcare providers on a digital platform. It innovatively brings together all the features needed for a quality virtual healthcare experience for both the medical professional and the patient, in a securely encrypted, user-friendly environment.